We’ve been greenlit!!

We’ve just been greenlit by Steam! It’s crazy! Specially because we didn’t advertise it anywhere, we wanted to check how people would react to this little project, and it seems most of you liked it!

Go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92962740 if you want to know more about our greenlight site.

Thanks to all the people who played the game, supported and voted for us, you are the best!!


Moving the links back again to this site

Hi all!

Wow! What an incredible month! You are playing Dark Ocean more than ever before! As a result our official web site has reached the maximum data transfer for this month (yeah! and we are only on 7th August) and that’s why we are putting back the links here again.

Really really thank you for still being playing the game and for telling your friends about it! And yes, also for the amazing youtube videos you are uploading every day!

Follow us on facebook if you liked the game! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dark-Ocean/103557936387230

Vota por Dark Ocean / Vote for Dark Ocean !

Disfrutastes jugando a Dark Ocean? Nosotros lo hicimos creándolo y compartiéndolo gratis con todos vosotros, si queréis apoyarnos a modo de agradecimiento, ahora podéis hacerlo con vuestro voto para este concurso, simplemente ir al enlace, buscar nuestro juego y darle a Vote, un millón de gracias!

Did you enjoy playig Dark Ocean? Because we did creating it, and sharing for free with everyone of you, and now, if you want to support us, is really really easy, we need your votes to try to win this contest, just click on the link, search for Dark Ocean and Vote us, no more 🙂 A million thanks!